REACH Basics for Exporters                Survey Report & Strategy Document

This helpdesk is aimed at supporting the Indian apparel exporters to export to European countries. The objective is to enhance the understanding of the companies about the REACH regulation and certain other regulations and how these regulations implicate apparel exporters. The aim of the initiative is to prepare Indian Apparel exporting MSMEs to understand the implication of REACH and effectively meet the requirement to retain their competitiveness in EU market
This helpdesk is a part of the GIZ-SIDBI Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Umbrella program where one of the key objectives is to enhance access to business development services for MSME, which helps them to increase their responsible competitiveness.

Background and Context: The Textile and Apparel Industry in India, employing 35 million people, is the largest employer after Agriculture, and it is critical that the industry continues to be globally competitive. For India to remain competitive in the global market, industry has to focus intensively on competitive levers like innovation and social & environmental compliances. While innovation will lead to better quality and productivity, compliance, an issue that has taken center stage for leading apparel brands, will attract global buyers to source from India. With reference to compliance – one of the important environmental compliance legislation is REACH from European Union. Though non EU based producers exporting finished products to EU have smaller scope of obligation but majority of the Indian MSME apparel exporters are unaware of basic information regarding their obligation and how they can comply with REACH, if required.

Therefore there is a need to encourage an institutional response to create awareness amongst apparel exporters on REACH implications and strategies to manage it and thus minimise the adverse impacts of REACH on the export of Indian apparels to EU.

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